We invite you to Hack the Classroom!

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Please join us for Hack the Classroom on September 24th!


Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom is an exciting, FREE, online event designed to provide insight into the latest trends in education. Learn from thought leaders, innovative educators, and inspiring students – who, with a few simple steps, are empowering classrooms to achieve much more!

By attending Hack the Classroom, you will:

  • Learn from trailblazing teachers as we glimpse into their classrooms
  • Gain access to professional development resources and actionable next steps to start transforming your classroom today
  • Ask questions to speakers and other educators in our live Q&A
  • Join a global community of thousands of teachers with a common commitment and passion for education
  • Receive an HTC participant badge and receive 500 points on our Educator Community. Once you’ve earned 1,000 points, you become a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator! 

Agenda at a Glance:


Interactive Maker Space

Education thought leader, Jordan Shapiro, will take us on a tour of the live maker space. Participate yourself by downloading the curriculum.

Thought Leader Keynote

Hear inspirational ideas from John Kao, on how to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for students.

Glimpse into Classroom #1

See how Lauren Pittman, elementary special education teacher, is harnessing the power of the Learning Tools in OneNote, helping her students to dramatically increase their reading and writing abilities.

Virtual Field Trip with Skype

Learn how Dyane Smokorowski, MIE Expert and Skype Master Teacher has used Skype to open the walls of her classroom, enabling global connections for her students.  Experience this yourself as Dyane takes us on a very special virtual field trip!

(You must tune in to find out where we will go!)

Glimpse into Classroom #2

Follow the journey Patricia Romero, MIE Expert from Mexico, took from being a teacher watching her students play Minecraft to working with the teachers in her school and in schools across Latin America to create collaborative learning experiences using Minecraft.

Maker Space Panel

Listen as teachers and students from the Maker Space share what it was like ‘making’ for the first time and how they see it connecting to their content and curriculum.


We encourage you to come with questions as Q&A is woven throughout the live event! Learn more about our highly acclaimed presenters here!

It’s our pleasure to invite educators from all corners of the world to join us on September 24, 2016, at 8:00a.m. PT to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to make small but transformational changes to classrooms everywhere.

We look forward to meeting you online September 24th! In the meantime, Twitter @Microsoft_EDU and share your thoughts using #HackTheClassroom!



Your Microsoft in Education team


Date & Time:

Saturday, September 24, 2016

8:00am – 10:00am PT


Online – Register at aka.ms/hacktheclassroom

Get HTC Ready!:


Hack The Classroom Website

Microsoft Educator Community

Program & Speaker Information

Questions? Email us



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