Invitation for “MICROSOFT YOUTHSPARK LIVE EVENT” – This invitation is only for students!!!

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Dear all,

Microsoft in collaboration with the Innovation Center within the YouthSpark program have a greatest pleasure to invite you to be part of the greatest and most significant two-day event “MICROSOFT YOUTHSPARK LIVE EVENT” which will be held on 21 and 22 May 2014 at the Hotel TCC Grand Plaza, Skopje (Vero 2,Taftalidze).

The main goal of this event is to promote the MICROSOFT YOUTHSPARK program, whose goal is to help young people in Macedonia by acquiring ICT knowledge and skills realize their full potential. At the event will be presented many opportunities that this program offer to enhance the employment, career and a new (startup) business.

It will be presented solutions and tools for professional development, tools that will facilitate the process of your new own business. You will have the opportunity to be part of the discussions that will be held during the event, you will also have the opportunity for questions to the human resources professionals and successful founders of businesses.

To this aim, this opportunity is offered to all students and young people that:

  • Have a desire to learn which are the skills and abilities needed to create a successful career in the ICT sector.
  • Want to be employed or self-employed by starting their own business.
  • Want to learn about the tools and techniques for creating a successful CV and gain practical guidance for right behavior on a job interview.
  • Have a business idea and want to develop a right business model.
  • Want to gain knowledge on how to reduce the risk when starting new business.

Register here:

Deadline for registration is 19th May 2014

 Have questions?

Contact person: Adrijana Selmani

E-mail Address:


Additional Recourses:


 For more information, please refer to the Agenda attached.



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