Да го прославиме 10 годишното постоење на Партнери во Учењето!

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“ED Talk: Microsoft Partners in Learning – Expanding the Power of Learning” – Global event

4:45pm-5:45pm (CET) 10/09/2013 (today).

Possibility to attend this memorable session:

Via public live stream here (http://bit.ly/1c4ADp6) and on-demand on ms.com/education after the event.

The ED Talk format – think “TED Talk” – will ensure highly energetic speeches highlighting Partners in Learning story and journey since inception, as well as key findings and thought leadership.

It will be followed by a panel discussion with Education experts and key PiL stakeholders about holistic transformation in education, and the pathways to leverage modern learning for the societies of tomorrow.

Featured speakers will be

anthonyAnthony Salcito, Vice-President Microsoft Education Worldwide

Anthony Salcito helped launch the Partners in Learning program in 2003 and will highlight the program’s key initiatives that support transformation in Education worldwide.



craigCraig Mundie, Senior advisor to the CEO at Microsoft (video)
Craig Mundie will reflect on the creation and objectives of Partners in Learning as one of the key initiators of the program 10 years ago.





Brad Smith, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs

Brad Smith will highlight Microsoft’s citizenship efforts in education including YouthSpark, a companywide initiative supported by Partners in Learning and designed to empower young people to change their world.



laurenLauren Woodman, General Manager Microsoft Education Programs Worldwide

Lauren Woodman will share the impact that the program has had over the last 10 years globally and will facilitate the panel discussion during the Partners in Learning event.




Rich Stearns, US President of World Vision International

Rich Stearns will share World Vision experience working with Microsoft on key education global programs.


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